Are your offers not getting accepted?

Mammoth Highest Price in over a yearAre you new to the market? Are you having trouble getting your offers accepted? Take a look at the email exchange I had a couple days ago with a potential client of mine.

Dear Jenean,

I watched you closely on the Mammoth house and how you successfully sold it. Your sales technique is impressive. If I ever want to sell my house, you are definitely on top of my list. Now, I am in the market to buy a home – but I don’t want to compete. I bought 2 houses from agents who sold me the houses before hitting the MLS. Remember me if you ever come across on opportunity like this (usually: owner lives far away). I am prequalified, ready with 20% down. Take care.

Dear Cleo,

Thanks for your very nice message. When it comes time to sell one of your houses, I would be happy to talk to you about it. We actually had 13 offers (I miscounted). 11 of them were from people who didn’t want to compete. They lost out on a big house in a very desirable neighborhood. The next home that sells in this neighborhood will sell for even more. In the past 2 years when prices were heading downward, sellers sold them to the first buyer who was willing to take the gamble. Those days are over as sellers have heard that there are tons of buyers for each home. Every buyer I have represented this year was up against a lot of other buyers wanting the same house. My buyers won on each offer because I know how to write acceptable offers and because they are well trained about the current dynamics of the market and willing to work within the new reality. Because I only take on 2 clients a month, I have to carefully select buyers who want a ‘house’. Unfortunately, those who are wanting a ‘deal’ have a slim chance these days on securing an attractive house and a smooth escrow.

Well, I am off for Montana. I’ll be back later in the month.

My best to you.

Jenean Hill

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