We’re Not In A Hurry

Fred here….talking about a sensitive subject.

If you want my mom, Jenean, to select you as one of the two clients she works with each month, please don’t tell her, “We’re not in a hurry”, or you won’t make the cut.

Fred medicine2She shared with me that buyers who say this don’t understand that the housing market under $600K is now a Seller’s market. They are holding on to last year’s sentiment that waiting will yield a lower price. Since mid-year, waiting means that there will be less attractive homes, more competition, higher prices and no $8,000 tax credit. Clients determined to wait will wait until they are completely priced out of the market and then will have to wait until next decade’s housing downturn. Let’s just keep this between the two of us. If you tell any other buyers, you will have to face competing with them also!

Believe me. It’s not a pretty picture.

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