Why Agentz shuld proofrede

fred balencesReal Estate isn’t always a serious business, especially when you let some of the agents loose with a computer and no ability to re-check their work. We’ve all seen the little slip ups, the run on’s and the misspellings, but these errors are sure to leave a smile on your face. Or at least make you think twice about the house!

Below are a few great examples of why agents should always proof read their listings before submitting them to the masses (thanks to Gwen Banta for collecting them!)

  • Seller moved but furniture strayed (Now that is just visually hysterical)
  • Brick Drivaway (Mama Mia – Those bricks must have flown in from Italy with the oven.)
  • Seller in NY – Coming out soon (This was in West Hollywood…think about it.)
  • Plumbing needs motivation (Way too much information.)
  • Terrorist yard (Another head-scratcher.)
  • Pouter room (A place to go when the first payment is due)
  • Call Frist (Will the Senator filibuster for me?)
  • Beautiful terpentine tiles in shower (Huh?)
  • Rear entry blocked off (Eat prunes.)
  • Pieceful feeling (Especially when in the shiv room)
  • Seller can’t say no (There’s a 12 step program for that.)
  • Seller says Gas is a problem (His plumbing must “need motivation” also.)
  • Large slitting room (Is this Tony Soprano’s house?)
  • Libary with built in shivs (In all fairness, perhaps this is in a prison.)
  • Disclosure: Crack on back side (Relax, we all have one.)
  • Call lasting agent (There aren’t many of us left!)
  • Oven flew in from Italy (Paid for with frequent flyer miles)
  • Built in wino bar (My favorite kind!)

So…which home do you want to purchase? 🙂

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