2210 W. Edna Grand Opening Extravaganza

When I met the owner on Edna in Santa Ana, he wanted to sell this rental home pretty much “as is”. He felt that he could get $300,000 and I agreed. While we were waiting for the tenant to vacate he agreed to get a few quotes for sprucing it up.

On a Sunday afternoon we met my gardener, painter & handyman. Later we brought in carpet , cleaners and stagers and planned a September 5th Grand Opening. We range priced the home from $325,000 to $350,000. I took 25 beautiful photos and put them on all the local and national websites as well as a virtual tour on Youtube. FirstTeam ran an ad on the best page of the Orange County Register. When I arrived at the house an hour early, there was nothing short of a mob waiting to get in.

We opened at noon and had 60 visitors in the first 5 minutes and about 300 visitors by 4:00. Agents bringing their buyers through the house were shocked at the sheer volume of visitors. Within 2 days, we had 24 offers to go through. The interesting thing was that the top 5 offers were from First Team agents. Offers from naive agents came in in the 200Ks while offers from sharp agents with strong buyers came in in the very high 300Ks.

The seller accepted an offer for $375,000. Because there were so many back-up offers near and above this price, the buyers decided to not submit a repair request. These back-up offers will also come in handy when I show them to the appraiser to make certain that the home will appraise at this high price. Escrow will close in less than 30 days and the amazed seller will be able to buy his kids a new home in South Orange County. In case you are wondering if the market has gone completely crazy, the answer is, ‘no’. It just appears that way when you pair low inventory with extreme marketing.

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