5 must visit sites for first time home-buyers

Buying a home can be scary, overwhelming and frustrating, and that’s if you’ve already bought a house before! Buying a home for the first time is a totally different situation – it is life changing in so many ways. As with anything this important, you need to do your research, learn as much as you can and get as many answers as possible before making the leap.

If you are looking to buy your first home in the next few months, here are 5 must visit websites that can help make it much easier:

1. First Time Home-buyer Tax credit: A tax credit of up to $8,000 is available for qualified first-time home buyers purchasing a principal residence on or after January 1, 2009 and before December 1, 2009. But, there is a lot more to it than that. This site gives you all the details to help you to make sure you’ve done everything right.

2. The website of the town you are looking to move to: The website for the City of Lake Forest has maps of the area, things to do, helpful resources, everything you need to start with when learning about a new city.

3. Mortgage Calculator:  Bankrate.com has a great mortgage calculator that allows you to tweak multiple options and really get a good idea of what your payments will be. It is important to understand how your interest rate affects the amount that you can borrow, and to be realistic with what you can afford. Or, you can always check out the one on the right side of this website too!

4. *For Families* The website for the school that your children will attend: Much like the city website, it is important to learn about the school’s that your children will attend. Are they well rounded? Do they have good testing scores? The goal should always be to get into the best school district you can afford.

5. First Team’s Website. Now that you’ve gotten the research under control, it’s time to research the homes! Searching the First Team site is easy and will help you to get on your way to finding the perfect home for you!

…and of course, you can always just stop by here, contact me at 949-583-1331, and we can go through it all together!

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