Fred’s corner – I need a yard, I want a pool!

My mom has been so busy the last few days, with the amazing open house in Santa Ana two weeks ago, and then another one in Lake Forest this past weekend (she says more details are coming soon). So, I have decided to give her a bit of a break and talk to you about something very important when it comes to home buying – needs and wants.

Fred Umbrella Flower PhotoWe all have them, but they are very different and should be thought of as different when buying a home.

I need a yard. I need to be able to run and jump and play. I need space and room and a place all my own.

I want a pool. Summer gets hot with black fur and a pool is just so refreshing.It would be nice to have.

Notice the difference? Here it is:

I couldn’t live in a home without a yard. I wouldn’t even want to look at them. But, I could handle not having a pool, as long as the yard was nice.

The difference is that needs are must haves (these are the important ones my mom wants to know when helping you find a house). Wants are those extra benefits. She still wants to know your wants, but understands that as long as all the needs are met, some wants may have to get passed over.

Do you know what you need? What about what you want?

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