First rains of the season!

Yesterday, we had the first rains in Orange County for the season. While they were much needed, the first rains also mean time to think about planning your home for the holidays!

Normally, I focus on the real estate side of homes – buying and selling – but today, I want to focus on all those who have a home now and are getting ready for the upcoming celebrations. We all want our homes to look great, but it can get expensive and time consuming quickly to try to decorate for all the upcoming events.

My advice? Check out some of these great sites for quick and affordable ways to decorate your home, and make it feel special.

  • Better Homes & Gardens Holiday –  I love their ideas for ways to carve a pumpkin without getting your hands dirty!
  • Home and Garden – While Thanksgiving is a bit away, their centerpiece suggestions are wonderful!
  • iVilliage – Their crafts section is full of ideas for all seasons (including great gifts!)
  • Martha Stewart – Her suggestions tend to run a little pricier, but there are still some great ideas, that with a little tweaking can be very affordable.

How are you getting ready for the holidays?

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