If you’re looking for a home in Orange County…

…You may want to avoid Aliso Viejo for a while. But, if you are looking to sell a home and live in Aliso Viejo, now is a great time to do so!

According to a recent article in the OC Register, the most difficult city in Orange County to find a home in is Aliso Viejo. Which means it is also one of the top areas to sell a home in! The ranking is determined by the number of homes available vs the number of homes that have sold and the time that the homes are spent on the market. For Aliso Viejo, the hottest market, there are only 106 homes and 88 of those sold (all numbers are from last week). The average time that a home spent on the market was 1.2 months. Compare that to Corona Del Mar, the coldest market. There are more homes (195) but way less sold (only 12!), and homes are sitting on the market for an average of 16.3 months…

aliso viejo market

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