3 more steps in becoming a winner…

I hope that you have gained something from the first 3 tips for becoming a winner in the real estate market. Today, I am covering the next 3 tips you must know.

4. After the seller signs one of the high offers, I ask that they sign and deliver, directly to escrow, their copy of the escrow instructions within 24 hours of receiving them.

5. The home should stay in staged condition until escrow closes, if possible. I know that it can be inconvenient, but it is important for many reasons. For one, buyers often return to the home 2-3 times before escrow closes. It is important for the original vision they had of their new home to be intact. Also, if this buyer is unable to perform, the home will be ready to put back on the market in a moment’s notice. We have a better chance of grabbing one of the back-up offer buyers, bringing them back through the beautiful house and quickly opening up a new escrow before the back-up buyer purchases another property.

6. In this market, it is not uncommon for the home to appraise at the purchase price and then later go through the underwriter’s ‘appraisal review’ just before closing. The appraisal is sometimes ‘cut’ to reflect the type of values that other Realtors are receiving for their client’s homes. At this point, my job is to provide the appraiser with extra information to validate the sale price or address their concerns. This stage is frustrating for all parties involved and requires a lot of patience. This is why I ask sellers, ahead of time, not to count their chickens before they hatch and spend the extra money they got for their home prematurely. Doing so can cause unnecessary anxiety for the seller.

    Tomorrow, I will wrap up the final 4 steps in becoming a winner in selling…stay tuned!

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