Sellers Be Prepared … to be winners

July 4th FireworksIf I have sold your home in the past, or you have been reading my blog for a while, you know that my method of listing your home for sale yields dozens of offers within a few days and sale prices well above neighborhood comps. You know that being able to sell a home at an unusually high price (and have it close escrow) requires a lot of Realtor expertise, hard work, time and patience. The effort it takes me to sell one house at top dollar, is equal to another Realtor’s efforts to sell three houses at everyday prices. I am not the only one who has to work hard, though. My sellers have more hoops to jump through when we partner together to obtain high offers. Over the next 3 posts I will be covering the 10 steps of what selling a home for an unusually high price often entail. Today are the first 3:

  1. The seller has to be open minded and able to see outside of the box as I show them evidence for the difference between my closed listing prices and other agent’s closed listing sales prices. This also involves understanding that discount agent’s listings yield discount sales prices and that being misdirected on this issue can leave thousands of the seller’s dollars on the table.
  2. The seller needs to be willing to follow expert and detailed advice in preparing their home for sale in a fashion that will allow me to take compelling photos and make marketing pieces that will cause buyers to stand in line waiting to see their home.
  3. The seller needs me to allow me to do a big weekend open house. This is an integral part of how I create a buzz over their listing. The seller then needs to make themselves available about 2-3 days after the open house so that I can present the multiple offers.

Come back tomorrow for the next 3 steps!

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