The final 4 steps to become a winner in real estate

Over the last couple posts, we have covered the first 6 steps. Thanks for coming back for your final 4 tips for becoming a winner in the real estate market.

7. As a preemptive strike, and to keep the potential ‘appraisal review’ process as comfortable as possible, I request that buyers’ agents have their buyers apply with my own lender prior to accepting their offer. He knows how to expertly move through this process with good results. This allows me and the sellers to know that we are in good hands during this process.

8. At the end of the day, escrow closes! The buyer is happy that they were the one selected amongst the scores of offers to open and close escrow on the home. The seller is glad that they received a hefty sales price significantly above comps and I am pleased to be the Realtor who had the expertise to make it happen.

9. As a mostly ‘By-Referral-Only’ agent, I am very grateful for the detailed letter of recommendation that my seller promised and delivered to me for doing an outstanding job. Because I spend a lot of time going the extra mile for my clients, I am able to assist less clients than the average Realtor. This letter allows me to be able to put an explanation point at the end of their sale and then transition expeditiously into working with a referred friend or neighbor who read their letter on my blog or in my newsletter and wants a similar experience.

10. About the same time I am normally receiving the seller’s letter of recommendation, my assistant is busy wrapping up the customized housewarming gift that I designed to show my clients how much I appreciated their trust in me and how much I care about their health & wellbeing in the future.

    I did my best to outline some of the details of a top dollar sale transaction in this current, unpredictable market. This will help you prepare for our future partnership and the successful sale of your property.

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