Greening your Kitchen to save $$ in 2010

Use your dishYellowLatexDishwashingGlovesLwasher: Although dishwashers are energy intensive, they also use less water than hand-washing, so as long as you use your dishwasher wisely, running the dishwasher can be a good thing. Dishwashers today are built to handle food remnants, so resist the urge to pre-rinse before putting your dishes in the dishwasher—basically you are just doing double-duty (and increasing your water bill). Also, always make sure you run a full load—dishwashers always use the same amount of water, so the more dishes you can fit in a load, the more energy efficient it will be. As with a refrigerator, if your dishwasher is old, consider replacing it—replacing a pre-1994 dishwasher with an ENERGY STAR model can save $30 a year on utility costs.

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