Letter of Recommendation from Lake Forest, Aliso Viejo & Santa Ana Client

Mammoth Highest Price in over a yearLet me tell you about my recent experience working with Jenean Hill. After making the difficult decision to sell my house, I wanted to be sure I picked the right agent. There were many things to consider when choosing an agent. Like anyone else, I wanted to get as much as possible and sell my house quickly, but I didn’t want to pay to fix it up only to find that I would have to settle for selling it for less than what I was expecting. After meeting with other seasoned agents, I met with Jenean and knew that that my search was over.

First of all, she listened and understood what was important to me. She was very honest in letting me know what she could do for me and what it would take to sell two homes and to purchase a new one. That’s right.  Jenean helped me with THREE different homes in three different cities. With that much on the line I was not about to trust in just anyone.  She also showed me that with the push of a button on the MLS, I could compare the track records of other ‘top agents’ along with hers.  After seeing that very telling ‘visual aid’ and hearing Jenean’s dynamic marketing plan, I knew that selecting Jenean Hill was the absolute right choice.

Mammoth LROther agents had recommended that I sell my properties quickly and ‘as is’.  I told Jenean that that was my plan.  Although Jenean was willing to do it my way, she was slowly able to convince me that, for a very small investment of time and money, she could sell the homes for, what turned out to be, a total of $200,000 more. Jenean then provided the expertise needed in the repairing, cleaning, packing, and staging of the homes. With her many connections in the industry, she was able to line up painters, gardeners, handymen, electricians, stagers, carpet cleaners, and window washers. Each of these providers was given a calendar of events showing all the work that would need to be done and their deadline for having the homes ready for market. By sharing this information and holding them accountable, we were able to complete all of the work on-time and under budget. I can tell you that it is because of Jenean’s reputation and their desire to do a good job for her client that these many providers were willing to work so hard. There is nothing quite as nice as having an agent who has that kind of influence on others.

Mammoth Sign Accepting OffersAll that hard work paid off on ‘Grand Opening’ Open House day! Jenean’s marketing generated over 300 guests and dozens of offers, with most of them from qualified buyers and significantly ABOVE my asking price. We were able to accept the most qualified offer for each home within 4 days of the open house. Because of the volume of qualified buyers willing to pay an extraordinary amount for my homes, the appraisers had no choice but to bring in the value indicated on the offers as the home’s appraised value.

Next, it was time for Jenean to help me secure a new home for my family. Once again, she LISTENED to my needs and desires. We did not waste a lot of time looking at houses that I could not afford or that would not suit my needs. Jenean showed me eight homes that were wonderful and all within my budget. She also insisted on showing me one home that I was not interested in seeing. What do you know!  That was the home I decided was perfect for my family.  Neither Jenean, nor I wanted to get into a bidding war and I didn’t want to lose this home to another buyer so she worked quickly to position my offer in its best light.  Her offer writing expertise was made evident by the fact that our offer was accepted within an hour of our submission.  It also bumped an offer that was in the process of being countered by the seller. By the way, my offer was actually lower than the seller’s asking price, so I did not pay over asking price to secure my new home. Rather, thanks to Jenean’s skillful negotiation, I made a fair and qualified offer that the seller was able to recognize as such.

When I share my stories of how Jenean was able to assist me, people are amazed at all that she was able to do for me and often wonder what her secret is. While it is true that she is very organized, knowledgeable, experienced, hard working and committed to serving her clients, more than anything else, she cares about her clients. I came to realize that she doesn’t try to be all things to all people but that if she thinks she can help you, she will put everything she’s got to help you realize your dreams. 

I can wholeheartedly recommend Jenean without reservation, and hope that you too could work with Jenean so that you could see how excellence is being redefined by her.

Ever Grateful,

Marion Fuget & family

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