The “YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR” Real Estate Company

I spoke to a homeowner recently who told me that another agent was willing to list their home for a total of 4%.  I explained that that agent had nothing to offer other than their inability to stand up for the right price for themselves AS WELL AS their client’s home’s value.  I tried to imagine that agent’s ability (or lack thereof) to market the home with professional looking photos that would generate 400 open house guests vying for the property and 48 offers in 48 hours with a sales price 24% over the last model match.  I went to the MLS to see if I could find this cluelesss real estate agent.  I am pretty sure that I found them and here is the one photo (blue bed) included in their listing!

Oak Canyon Ellsworth Bed from right 1

The proactive seller that grasped the new rules of real estate and sold their home for significantly more than it was worth.

Bed in Unstaged Home

The seller that listed with the bargain basement agent and sold their home for less than it was worth


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