Can you think of a reason why you wouldn’t want to work with the #1 Real Estate Broker in Southern California?

The more things change in Real Estate, the more things stay the same.  While the rules of buying and selling real estate vary day by day as of late.  One thing doesn’t.  That is the track record of First Team Real Estate and Jenean Hill.  When you are considering which firm and representative will have the most resources to help you get top dollar for your home, think about this:

  • First Team is the #1 independent Real Estate company in Southern California according to the RIS Media Power Broker Report.
  • First Team has sold more Orange County million dollar homes than any other broker according to 2009 Trendgraphics.
  • First Team is the #1 Selling Unit Broker in the city of Lake Forest.

  • Jenean Hill is the #1 First Team Lake Forest/92630 Broker

Feel free to look at the testimonials section on the right column and decide for yourself if a meeting with “First Team Jenean” would be the first step to putting more equity dollars in your pocket or beating out the offers on your first choice dream home.

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