Get a person on the phone!

A  few tips for connecting with a real, live human being when an automated phone maze simply won’t do:

  • ¨ Press everything on your phone. You may be able to trick systems into thinking that you’re on a rotary phone – or that you’re crazy. Either way, you’re in.
  • ¨ Mumble. If the system can’t understand you, it has no choice but to connect you with a live person.
  • ¨ Do nothing. They sense a rotary phone. Voila – a human.
  • ¨ Speak Spanish. The Spanish option often has a shorter wait time, and you’ll probably get a bilingual operator.
  • ¨ Select the cancel-service option. If a company thinks it’s going to lose you as a customer, someone way try to convince you otherwise – in person.
  • ¨ Mention a competitor. Systems sometimes monitor what you say while you’re on hold. If you name a competitor, someone may help you sooner.

Plan your call time wisely. Avoid Monday, and call at an odd hour if you can. For more help, consult, which maintains a list of more than 900 U.S. companies and how to get a human on the phone at each one.

When you want to get me on the phone…Just call (949) 583-1331.  If I am on the phone or in a meeting when you call, I will call you back as soon as I become available.  No long waits or secret codes necessary!

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