Most sellers are sentimental when pricing their home for sale and often insist on listing it at a higher price than it is likely to garner in today’s market.  If a home is priced unrealistically, it likely will stay on the market longer, often reducing its appeal and leading home buyers to question its value.  Many factors influence home values.  To prevent a listing from going stale, sellers must work with their REALTOR® to price the house correctly. 

While it may be common knowledge to REALTORS® that the first offer is often the best, some sellers may not feel the same way.  Many believe that if the first potential buyer makes an offer close to the asking price, future offers may exceed it.  In many instances, this is not the case, and subsequent offers often are for less.

When you are ready, talk to me about things we can do together that make a huge difference in the price you get for your home.

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