Pet Travel – A growing trend!

Fred looking out drivers window small version croppedThoughts from Fred:  Now that you got me out of that apartment and bought be a home with a back yard, don’t leave me there when you go on your summer vacation.  Just about everyone else is taking their dogs with them nowadays.  Read on:, one of the international pet travel and transportation industry’s leading service providers announced the results of its first annual Summer Pet Travel Survey of more than 6,000 pet owners worldwide, showing that most pet owners travel at least once a year with their pets.

Pet-Friendly Travel Going to the Dogs
The majority of pet owners surveyed (61%) said they travel more than 50 miles with their pets at least once a year, with 38% of those pet owners stating that they travel as often as once a month with their pets. Pet-friendly travel still is almost exclusively for dogs, with over half of the pet owners (61%) saying that they choose to travel with their dogs (33% of pet owners travel with their cats).

Airline Fee Frustration
Thirty-eight percent of pet owners say the most difficult part of pet travel is that airline pet travel fees are too expensive, followed by those who said there is not enough selection of pet-friendly airlines.

Summer Travel Plans Heating Up
Summer pet travel appears to be on many pet owners’ agendas. The survey, which was sent out during the month of April, found that 57% said they planned on traveling with their pet within the next 3 months, while 33% plan on traveling with their pet within the next year.

Crossing Borders
Seventy-one percent of pet owners said they had never traveled internationally with their pets, however the survey found the majority of pet owners (51%) are considering international pet travel within the next year. Forty-two percent of those pet owners said they are making plans to travel internationally with their pets within the next year.

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