Orange County Real Estate advice from Fred the Black Lab

Fred looking down at pot of goldFred is always up on what’s new.  For example, look at his latest and greatest toy.  This one is called … a “tuit” … they come in various sizes & shapes.  THIS one is the the rarest of the tuits.  It’s a “round tuit”.  You can tell that they are rare because EVERYBODY is waiting to get “a round tuit”. Round Tuit

There were two fine examples this week.  I will tell you about one. On Saturday I had my Grand Opening Open House on the Owens Lake home.  It was advertised a few days before the event and we had about 150 people through the house in 4 hours.  We had multiple offers before the day’s end.  One lucky family bought it for above the price range and has already had their home inspection.  Just yesterday an agent called me and asked if the house sold yet.  He had a client who saw it at the open house and was now ready to write an offer.  The client had seen the 30 beautiful photos on and an extremely crowded open house that looked like a model home.  Their agent obviously had printed out the MLS listing sheet days before or they would have known that it sold Owens pool lionsdays ago.  As Seinfeld would say, “Who are these people…”  – The buyer that thinks that waiting will get them the house, or their agent who didn’t spend 3 hours giving them a free buyer education consultation to explain the kind of market we are in – before they got in the car together to look at houses.

Fred says that the moral of the story is – Don’t wait!  The NEXT deal on YOUR next home is NOW.  When you wait, you can expect that the next beautiful home may cost you just a bit more – or a lot more if you hire me to market your home.

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