Balancing Blogging with Business and Real Life in Lake Forest

Many of you have asked why I haven’t been blogging over the summer.  As much as I enjoy writing and helping the public make educated decisions in regards to real estate, there are times when blogging must take a back seat.  Referral business was at a all time high this Spring and early summer with as many as 11 transactions occurring at one time.  It got to the place where I was referring out my referrals so that I could do a good job with the current clients with whom I had a mutual committment and balance things in my personal life.  No time or energy to blog.

I believe that the busiest real estate agent is not necessarily the best real estate agent.  For almost a decade, God has blessed me with more real estate business opportunities than one person could proficiently handle.  This allowed me the oportunity to interview potential clients to determine which ones I wanted to pull out all the stops for to successfully market their home or win the keys to a new one.  Nothing is more satisfying than to be working with very nice people who are in tune with the market and trust your expertise.  Those are the clients you work through your vacation for or change the date that you celebrate your wedding anniversary because it coincides with the date that your buyer’s dream home just showed up on the market.  There are other people that you run away from because one violant, psychotic break in your presence can be life changing. (Some day I might talk about this).  Moving forward, I look forward to my Director work at the Orange County Association of Realtors, serving more great buyers & sellers above and beyond the call…and balancing it with spending time with friends, family, and of course, blogging for fun!

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