Parent Investors Buying Homes vs. Spending Money on Rent, Dorms

This article caught my eye as I have seen a lot of clients this year purchase “Kiddie Kondos” for their college-age children.  You will want to click the link below because this piece goes on to show the most AND lease affordable college towns to invest in.

Every fall, parents wave goodbye as their college-bound kids pack up their belongings, make the drive down university lane and prepare for football games, mid-terms and freedom. While college living is often associated with dorms and campus housing, Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC discovered that many parents are opting to purchase a home rather than spend money on rent or dorm fees. According to a recent survey among the Coldwell Banker® network of real estate professionals in college towns, 64 percent see a significant number of “parent investors” buying homes for their kids to live in while attending the university. To see how college towns stack up in home price affordability…

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