Nifty Condo Needed for a Nice Nurse

This month, I am putting in an order for a 2+-bedroom condo with a 1+-car attached garage for Maria.  She was referred to me by an past client, Richard and would idealy like a condo just like his.  From our time together, this is what I know she would like:  Either a townhome or a lower level condo.  Prefers 2 full baths.  Would love inside laundry or laundry in the direct access garage.  She needs a place with great storage options – either in the garage, patio or interior.  If the garage must be detached, she would like it to at least be close to the condo.  She can go up to $285,000 max if the dues are $250 /month.  She doesn’t want a short sale, but a REO would be o.k.  Prefers a nice area in Central or North Orange County.

Do you know anyone who has such a place who is looking to sell anytime soon?  There are very few homes like this and when they come on the market, they disappear quickly.  Maria is so excited about buying her first home.  Can you help me make her day?!?

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