Projects for Instant Curb Appeal: Tips and tricks to make your home look its best this Winter

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how to brush paintPaint, paint, paint: Few projects can transform a house as dramatically and inexpensively as paint. Topnotch paint costs only a few dollars more per gallon, but it will cover better, go on smoother and last longer than the cheap stuff—it’s a smart investment.

Install new house numbers: Replace shabby or dated-looking numbers with ones made of brass, aluminum or stainless steel. They’ll look best if the finish matches that of the light fixture and door hardware.  

Upgrade your mailbox: A new mailbox updates your home’s overall appeal.

Line a walkway with bricks or pavers: Look for a wide assortment of pavers at brickyards and garden centers.

Replace a light fixture: Consider function as well as style when selecting a fixture; it should light up your steps, house numbers and door without being too dominant.

Plant a tree: Plant a tree and you get not only curb appeal but also shade, fall color and an improved view from the inside.  

Add low-voltage lighting: Low-voltage lights are available in many styles and create safer walkways and add dramatic nighttime style.

Install shutters: Decorative shutters can add color, quaintness and depth to a house.

Install flower boxes: Mount a window box below double-hung, slide-by or stationary windows. Build your own window box or buy one from a garden center.

For the full article visit: www.familyhandyman com/DIY-Projects/How-A-House-Works/Home-Improvements/projects-forinstant-curb-appeal

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