Tenants’ Renters Insurance Is a Must

With winter months ahead, renters should make certain they have a contents insurance policy that covers fire damage. According to the U.S. Fire Administration, residential fires are more prevalent in winter months than in spring or summer months. A residential fire can completely destroy a home and all of its contents. RentersInsurance.net discusses the importance of having a comprehensive policy.

Residential fires are more common in winter months partly because of the increased number of cooking and heating fires. As the cost of heating homes increases with the colder temperatures, people will turn to using fireplaces, wood stoves, space heaters and other cheaper alternatives to expensive utilities. Although these are valuable options, they do come with major risks that are preventable. Safety precautions should always be taken to avoid residential fires.

Fires are detrimental to a home. If the entire complex and contents are not destroyed by the flames, they likely will be by smoke or water damage. Many people who rent think their personal belongings are covered by their landlord’s insurance policy; however, this is generally not true. Unless a landlord has a specific rider in their policy that covers their tenant’s contents and belongings, the responsibility of replacing the items is that of the renter. This is why a contents insurance policy is necessary.

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