Lake Forest McDonald’s facelift nearing completion

Have you had a craving for a Big Mac, driven to the corner of El Toro and Bridger and found your favorite McDonalds torn down?  You probably wondered if a new one was being built or if another business was going to be occupying that space.  Not to worry….

… The McDonalds on Bridger Road in Lake Forest will be reopening February 1, 2011.  The $900,000 remodel, which began on December 3, 2010, will bring an updated look to the 40 year old building.  Renovations include a new Craftsman style facade featuring earth tone paint, brick and stone, and new cornice and tower roof elements, consistent with the Orchard shopping center.  Improvements will also include a new parking lot, menu board, storage location, and larger cashier booth.  The improvements will create architectural consistency with other recently renovated projects (SmartCO and Walgreens/Fresh & Easy Shopping Center) in the Redevelopment Project Area.  To read the Orange County Register article on the renovation, click here:

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