Lake Forest Top Agent and Top Broker

Trendgraphix Top Lake Forest Agent Chart

The following data is slated for an upcoming press release:

First Team is the #1 Brokerage in Orange County – representing more Buyers AND Sellers than any other brokerage. Larger than the next 3 largest brokerages put together.  Marketing Fees (commissions) actually pay for high-end advertising.

Jenean Hill is #1 First Team’s #1 Lake Forest/92630 Residential Broker/Realtor AND is tied for the City of Lake Forest/ 92630’s #1 Realtor/Broker in number of Homeowner (non-bank/builder) -Seller Listings and Buyer Sales COMBINED!

Jenean Hill’s Listings sell for a higher percentage of/over Original Listing Price than ALL of the Top 10 Lake Forest agents. (Jenean does not “buy the listing” (obtain the listing contract) by telling sellers that she can sell their homes for a higher price – only to end up recommending a price reduction and selling them for less).

Jenean Hill’s Listings sold in an average of 8 Days on the Market – Less days than ALL of the Top 10 Lake Forest agents.  Average D.O.M. of other top 10 sales-in-units-agents is 59 days.  Pricing a home accurately keeps a listing from aging.  Aged listings solicit low-ball offers and lower sales prices.

 Success in Real Estate comes down to working for the #1 Brokerage, Expert home pricing, Outside-the-box marketing, Home staging to attract buyers & blow away competing homes, and Selling your home quicker and at a higher sales price.

All this being said, the number homes I sold in 2010 will not be what my clients will remember about their transaction with me.  What they will remember is the fact that they were left with more money in their pocket as a result of ‘hiring’ a hard working REALTOR who really cared about them.

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