It’s No Secret. There is a New Breed of Orange County Real Estate Buyer.

The Orange County Real Estate market has morphed from home prices going up $5,000 per day 5 or 6 years ago, to a year ago when buyers were making offers over the list price, sight unseen, five minutes after the home hit the MLS. Our current leading character is the “Spreadsheet Buyer.

Yep, that’s right. These buyers are numbers driven. Period. End of story. They are armed with access to countless internet sources for data on recent home sales, projected values, and exactly what you owe the bank. They can build a spreadsheet to analyze anything, and right now their focus is laser beam tight on determining the exact right price they will pay for your home. They’ve emerged from the “I’m looking for a great deal” buyers of yester-year. They are dipped in Kevlar from head to toe and no response a seller comes up with can penetrate their resolute conviction that the numbers don’t lie.  What does this mean to Sellers? Read the rest of the article:

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