Orange County Housing Report: Where are the Discretionary Sellers?

The active listing inventory is expanding at a time where homeowners should really be asking if they really have what it takes to market successfully sell their homes in today’s market.  Please read on to see what my fellow Director, Steven Thomas at the Orange County Association of Realtors is saying about the market.


Too many sellers are popping on the market, a sign that they still have unrealistic expectations.

Prior to cheers of “Happy New Year” my biggest concern for 2011 was that buyers and sellers would have unrealistic expectations of the Orange County housing market. We are only a month and a half into the year and there are already ominous signs that homeowners missed the valuable lesson from 2010: many sellers were unsuccessful in selling their homes and were overpriced. In 2010, the inventory increased unabated until it peaked in mid-September, growing from 7,293 to 11,892 homes, a 63% increase. From mid-September to the end of 2010, the inventory dropped by 15% as many sellers threw in the towel and pulled their homes off of the market. Unfortunately, many homeowners that pulled the plug during the autumn and holiday markets are opting to place their homes right back on the market today. The word on the street is that they are…




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