Fuddruckers Classic Car Show Turning over a new Leaf?

Last night we enjoyed the sense of community that living in Lake Forest offers by attending the Tuesday Classic Car Show at Fuddruckers.  For years Orange County can enthusiasts have been gathering here to talk all things…CAR.  Lately it appears that this weekly show has been “Turning over a new Leaf”.  A Nissan Leaf, that is.  Last night there was a good showing of not-so-classic cars including three Nissan Leafs, a handful of Toyota Priuses and Toyota’s (Proof of) Prius Plug-in Concept Car.  This car combines hybrid technology with a plug in feature.  You might say that it is a hybrid of a hybrid crossed with an all-electric car.  You can drive to work the next town over or all around town picking up kids and groceries with no fuel required.  Every time you plug in the car, you will get at least 13 free miles.  This is the perfect car for a family who can only get one green car as they can drive it for free on short strips and then take it on vacation and visit the gas pump less than they would with a traditional internal combustion engine.  Toyota sent us this concept car to drive around town and then return it in a few days with our feedback.  The extra cool part is that we can plug it into our home ‘s solar panels and enjoy free fuel!  If you would like to know more about how easy it was for us to get an HOA approval for our solar panels or how you can cut back your visits to the gas station, give me a call.  I’d love to help!

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