News Flash – There Is No Inventory

If you are a follower of the blog I’m sure that you have a better sense of where the market actually is and that historically this may be the best possible time to buy – in our lifetime anyway.  We’ve also discussed that a real estate transaction is a personal one and that over the long haul real estate is still  considered a great investment.  Let’s look at the other side of the transaction today – how do you position your home to SELL fast but at the highest price?  What happens when you over price your home?  Dean Hartman and the KCM crew posted the perfect piece on this today…

I was in a conversation with one of the most productive agents in our area recently and he told me that there were “no homes for him to sell”. I thought he had a brain cramp. Look at all the ‘For Sale’ signs, all the homes on MLS, all the short sales and foreclosures plus all the shadow inventory on its way.  Had this respected agent lost his mind?

As he saw the puzzled expression on my face (which was his intent), he began to explain that every home that is priced correctly is being gobbled up by buyers right away. The only homes that remain on the market for more than 30 days are the ones where the price doesn’t COMPEL a buyer (even multiple buyers) to make an offer.

I pondered his assertion for a while and his premise began to make more and more sense because I am witnessing:

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