Saving Hundreds of Dollars in Three Easy Steps

How has the economic downturn affected your buying habits?  If you are like millions of other Americans, it has had a dramatic effect and finding the best deals for products and services have become a daily quest.  Sure, you can go to the big warehouse stores where volume shopping lowers unit cost, but you end up walking out with large quantities as well as a fairly hefty bill!

Enter the new online hyper-local community shopping sites where local business meets consumer!  These aren’t your regular shopping sites with hundreds of products, rather a once-a-day “limited” offering from a local merchant.


Daily deals from the “big three” and save consumers anywhere from 25 to 80% off services, food, events and activities.  There is no cost to sign up and the daily deal is delivered straight to your email inbox every morning.  You choose to buy it or not!  One recent deal was $15 for $30 worth of food at The Blue Danube restaurant in San Clemente. 

Own a local business?  These “deal” sites also provide local businesses with an amazing way to reallocate advertising budgets in a way to help consumers save money.  Here’s how that works.  Rather than spending $1000 on a print ad which may draw 3-8 people to the business, small businesses can allocate the same amount in a discount to a consumer who actually needs the service!  On average, several hundred consumers buy the discount online and come into the business to redeem the deal. Way better than print advertising and a “Win. Win.”


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