South Orange County Home Sales Recovery Chart by City

If you have been wondering how your community’s median prices may or may not have increased in South Orange County City in the 12 months, take a look at this chart from the L.A. Times!   You will note that Lake Forest’s Condos are turning around faster than other communities with almost a 32% increase.  If you have been following my blog or receiving my newsletters, you saw the TrendGraphic’s chart of the top real estate agents in Lake Forest.  I tied in the #1 position for total transactions – Homeowner Seller and buyers combined.  Whether I am selling your home in Lake Forest, or any other Orange County community, my goal is to treat your listing as if it were my own home and give you the pleasure of knowing that your home sold at a price that you didn’t dream was possible – and the neighbor bragging rights that go with it!  I took 3 listings in the last month and received offers in 2 days on all of them.  While they are in escrow, I have room in my practice for one more home seller (and one more home buyer).  Take a moment to watch my video on the right hand side banner of my blog and let me know if you would like me to do this to your savings account!

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