SOLD: 150+ Open House Visitors at Latest Grand Opening

Just over a week ago,  I opened up my brand new listing in Laguna Hills to the public with my traditional GRAND OPENING open house.  That same weekend marketing exploded with photo ads in the Orange County Register, Irvine World News, Los Angeles Times, an O.C. Register press release, neighborhood papers, on all of the real estate websites, an invitation sent to every neighbor, facebook, blog posting, a newsletter to 2200 residents and an email blast.

Lunch was set out, the lending station was set up and within a few hours, we had over 150 visitors that yielded 1/2 dozen immediate offers.  Visiting neighbors said they have never seen anything like this (I have never done one on their street before) and buyers told me that when they go to sell their home, they want me to do this for them.  This was even before they knew how high the price of the home would go.  ‘At the end of the day’, the home that was originally priced at $599,900  sold for $655,500.    That is over 9% over asking price.

Now 9% over asking price wouldn’t be very impressive if the home sold for less than other homes in the neighborhood, right?  Let me tell you about the last three 5-bedroom homes that sold in this neighborhood.  They came on the market at an average price of $685,000.  The average closed sales price after being on the market a half a year was $575,000.  These homes sold for 84% of asking price.

My listing came on the market at $25,000 OVER the the average sales price of $575,000 and then sold for 9% over that price which was also 14% over the comp averages.    This does not happen on accident.  The sellers selected me to be their agent after being recommended by a friend who knew my tract record of raising neighborhood values one home at a time and upon viewing videos of my other Grand Openings that yielded between 155 and 300 visitors.  You can click on the Youtube video to the right to see the results of my marketing system along with my client’s home preparation and staging.

Although my listings always sell in about 7 days, there are weeks of behind the scenes efforts that go into each Grand Opening.  As a result, I can usually market only about 6 homes per year in this fashion.  If you would like to be the next, just give me a call!

P.S.  If you would like to see all 25 photos, click below:

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