Not only is he local, he is the BEST!

My past clients often rely on me to provide great service providers for around their home year after year.  Once again, I have someone to highly recommend.  The name is Greg Olsen (pictured to the left).  No, he is not a painter or a contractor.  He is a Doctor of Chiropractic and Wellness expert.  I have been treating with him since last fall/winter.  He was recommended to me by a chiropractor who was unable to give me any relief for my symptoms stemming from an assault last year.  His practice is near Lake Forest and Lambert behind the Round Table Pizza.  Boy, I wish I knew about him years ago.  He is an extremely skilled doctor who treats you like family.  His visits are not like visiting a typical chiropractor where you go in and get ‘cracked’.  He treats the whole body and spends as much time with you as it takes so you walk away renewed  and with a smile on your face.  He is honest and has a gentle fashion that you will appreciate. 

Because over 90% of my business is by referal, I get extra excited about giving back referrals to deserving service providers I encounter.   If you call him and give him my name, he will give you a coupon to use toward your first visit.  I would love to hear from you after you meet him so we can sing his praises together.

You can learn more about him by clicking here.

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