HOW TO GET YOUR HOME SOLD (for more money)

 There is a lot of good advice in the following article written by Chobee Hoy.  Alternatively, if I’ve ever represented you on the sale of your home, you will note that a few of the paragraphs do not ring true.  I highlighted them in green.  Read on: 

While certain tips like properly staging your space will help get your home sold no matter what the economic climate, picking a talented real estate agent is one of the most crucial assets in getting your home sold fast and for the right price.

During the summer this is especially important to consider because buyers and sellers are less available due to vacations and kids being home on summer break. If you don’t have a dedicated agent you might not receive the customer service needed to get your sale closed.

Many agents are thriving in today’s market, so an easy way to find someone well qualified is to do some research – who is winning awards in your area and what are they doing to differentiate themselves from the competition? If you know someone that has recent bought or sold a home ask them for advice, or even a referral.

Before hiring your agent ask: What was your most challenging sale, what made it so difficult, and how did you ultimately get the home sold? This will tell you if the agent has experience and if they have the tools necessary to get your home sold.

Also, get realistic comps and price your home accordingly. If your home and a similar home across the street are on the market do something to differentiate yours from theirs whether it be lowering the price or putting some extra time, and perhaps a little money, into staging it properly.

Don’t take offense if you get an offer that is low, make a counter-offer. Let go of the emotion you’ve invested in your home. Be detached, using a business-like manner in your negotiations. You’ll definitely have an advantage over those who get caught up emotionally in the situation.

Winning awards – A decade ago, when I was a newer agent, I thought that winning a top First Team award for selling an extraordinary amount of homes would demonstrate that I was experienced and successful and the agent that sellers would want to hire.   That was true – in a way.  Sellers did and still do feel that the agent with the most signs around town MUST be the best.  Growing older and a bit wiser has caused me to think differently.  I found that the fewer clients that I dedicate my practice to each year – the more money their homes sell for.  If I cut my practice in half, I would have more time to answer my seller’s questions,  manage any repairs that needed to raise the value of their home, stage the home and ultimately market it to bring hundreds of visitors to its one and only open house.  (If you click on the youtube “Jenean Hill 3” video you will see what I mean).  

You will NOT see my For Sale or Open Houses signs all over town week after week.  When my fully-marketed homes hit the market there is generally a line out the door waiting to get inside, and an accepted offer by the following Tuesday or Wednesday.  You will never see another Open House sign for that home except when the new buyers of that home hire me 5-10 years later to  market their home in the same fashion I did when they purchased it.  Does my company (or any other company, for that matter) offer awards to the agent that sells a reasonable amount of homes, for up to 10% OVER comps?  Of course NOT.  Awards go to the agent who sells more homes – not sells homes for MORE.   So when comparing agents, you will want to reconsider going with the agent with the most name recognition, and instead ask any agent you interview to bring their MLS Statistics report for the last 3 years.  Are their homes on the market for 8 only days or do they price them to sit on the market so their signs can have a permanent place all over town and give them even more name recognition?  Do they sell for more than asking price or do they eventually talk the seller (whose listing they took at an extra high price to appease them) into accepting a lower offer?

Now you can see that the sign of an incredible agent is one that does NOT have signs on every corner, but one that limits their practice to helping one or two clients at a time in order for them to win the the true award – more money in their pocket with less inconvenience.

One more thing, when I market your home in my tried and true fashion, you won’t need to worry about countering a low ball offer.  It will be blown out of the park by all of the offers of the buyers’ agents who asked me how much OVER asking price they would need to write their offer to win the keys to your home! 🙂

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