First Team highlights my client’s story on video and in the Orange County Register every weekend for the month of January.

Lake Forest seller, Marion Fuget’s Story captured on on video by First Team:  Watch the Video:

“My agent found solutions that let us live free from financial stress.”
“I was working full time, but still struggling each month just to get by. As bills piled up, our family home became a financial burden. The house was special – it was where my three children were growing up and where family and friends came to celebrate the holidays. Selling it was a tough pill to swallow, but I had to do it in order to cut expenses and salvage a good family life.
The house was not turn key. It needed a lot of work. Some agents advised me to sell it quickly as–is for whatever price I could get. Not Jenean. She understood that our livelihood was at stake and said that a small investment of my time and money would produce a much higher selling price. I trusted her, and with a list of tasks to perform and a timeline in hand, my First Team agent put her crews to work. They fixed the air conditioning and electricity, painted and enhanced the home’s curb appeal. She got right in there herself, packing boxes and staging the home. Jenean even got the kids involved, rewarding them with an ice cream party for getting their rooms ready for our move.
More than 300 people came to our “Grand Opening Open House” the day our home hit the market. Five days later, the house sold for an unbelievable $100,000 more than other agents had told me to list it for. Jenean then helped us find a perfect home that fits our new lifestyle and lets us live free from financial stress.
Thank you, First Team, for being there for us.”
Marion Fuget
Aliso Viejo

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