Dreams Finally Come True When Buyers Sign Up For Jenean Hill’s Exclusive Representation

 We first met Jenean Hill at her seller’s open house event. At the time, we didn’t have a REALTOR and had been house hunting independently using various home-buying websites. We spoke to Jenean before the open house to get more information on the home, and we were immediately impressed with her warm professionalism. Not only was she incredibly accommodating in showing us the home with our restrictive schedule, but she was readily available to answer our questions even after she had accepted multiple offers on that very same day. We were impressed with how gorgeously she staged the home and how she had set up a presentation board with resources for buyers. It was clear that she had tremendous experience and a high standard of quality with her sellers. 

For many months, we debated between finally signing up with a REALTOR and ditching our independent home buying efforts. These days it’s so easy to use the Web and do your own research, but there is something that a personal REALTOR can do for you that I believe those other sites cannot; an excellent REALTOR will be honest, committed, and diligent in being your advocate. When we were thinking about these qualities, we kept remembering Jenean from that open house months before. Honestly, we questioned if maybe her expertise was in selling homes and perhaps she didn’t have as much time for buyers (particularly with buyers who have very specific needs as we do). Well, luckily after reconnecting with Jenean and finally deciding to take the plunge, we were so pleased to find out that our assumptions were wrong. 

As our agent, Jenean really proved that she’s as well-rounded as agents come! Jenean was in constant communication with us and responded to phone calls in a timely manner. She met with us in a very thorough meeting to educate us on the process of buying a home, getting our loan approved, and prepping us for the steps of making an offer and closing escrow. As someone who has overseen many renovations, Jenean was able to walk through homes with us and point out possible repairs, renovations, approximate costs etc. so that we could calculate those expenses in our budget. We loved that Jenean was honest and would tell us right away if a home was an unsuitable match or if it was overpriced. She respected ALL our wish list items and never made us feel like we had to compromise or fit into her agenda so she could make a quick sale. Throughout our house hunting process, Jenean continued to educate us on each of the local communities and was very knowledgeable about the schools, which was a very important factor for us. My fear that Jenean only specialized in Lake Forest or South Orange County quickly dissipated. She has a broad knowledge of all the local neighborhoods, and in fact, her network of First Team agents proved to be a great resource as well. We were shocked to hear that Jenean had shared our home wish list with her First Team network and was able to have other agents door-knocking on our behalf in our top choice neighborhoods! I know we would not have received that kind of personalized service and attention from using an online service. As our search continued to reshape itself and become more specific, Jenean was quick to adjust with our changing needs. 

When we found our dream home, Jenean made us her top priority so that we would be first in line to present our offer. As first time homebuyers, we were petrified about the process but found that everything went so smoothly because of our earlier prep work with Jenean. There was no last minute scrambling for letters and papers as we raced to beat other buyers in making a competitive offer. We will never forget how Jenean drove out with us that evening to present our offer in person. In an era where everything is done via web, email, or fax, this detail not only made us stand out as buyers, but it certainly made us appreciate Jenean as a REALTOR. She was our true advocate and has made this process smooth and informative. After years of house hunting on our own and meeting countless agents throughout the process, we can say with certainty that it is rare to encounter an agent who will truly offer that type of dedication, quality and loyalty to their clients. When you work with Jenean, you will not feel like you’re being shuffled through a rolodex. We will be recommending Jenean to our family and friends without hesitation. 

Brad & Aileen Townsend

Tustin Ranch

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