A Tale of Two Sonoita’s (or Traditional Agent vs Jenean Hill)


David here to report on the recently sold 23046 Sonoita property (the ‘Taco Edition’ Grand Opening Open House). We opened the property to the pubic on the same day as another property opened just 4 doors down the street. Both homes back to a very busy street and present a challenge to market and sell. What a great opportunity to show the power of Jenean’s marketing and selling of homes versus traditional agents. (I was going to mention that the other agent was out-of-area but then I realized that Jenean sells out-of-area all the time, using the same system to quickly sell homes anywhere.)

Here’s what happened so far:

Both homes opened on the same day. The other agent did the traditional marketing, put a sign in the yard and put the home on the MLS. Jenean spent the entire month in advance of the open house to market the property and get it ready for the public. When she opened the doors for the Grand Opening Open House, it resulted in almost 200 guests and created a sense of excitement for the guests, and the neighborhood. Guests were served tacos and listened to salsa music while they enjoyed the atmosphere and explored the home. While the other home got the benefit of Jenean’s marketing, with a few curious spillover visitors, they failed generate many visitors of their own.

In about one week, a guest who visited the open house wrote an offer above the asking price and went into escrow.

The other home…well, it’s still on the market and will probably be there for a while. At some point they will likely lower the price to try and entice someone to make an offer. If it’s on the market for the average time, that will be in about 3-6 months. (I’m sensing a huge advantage for Jenean’s system here.)

Who do you know that’s getting ready to buy or sell? Would you like to be their hero and save them from waiting on the same old traditional agent marketing? Would they love to have their home sold quickly for more than the asking price? Send them this blog post and tell them to call Jenean right away. It’s always nice to share good things with friends. Here’s Jenean’s number (949) 583-1331.

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