Sold – New Record High Sales Price for Lake Forest Shores

LakeShoresExteriorThank you to the visitors who attended my Sailwind Way Grand Opening Open House on Saturday.  I am excited to let you know the final score!

The buyer wanted to buy the home for full price the moment it came on the MLS.  He was told he had to wait until the weekend Grand Opening to view it.  It was standing room only when he entered the home.  After seeing the ‘competition’ he wrote an offer for $25,000 over asking.  This set a new record high in Lake Forest Shores and completely covered the seller’s marketing fee and then some!

If you are a have been to one of my Grand Opening Open Houses, I am sure you observed the over-the-top measures that my team and I took to serve our sellers and put more money in their pockets.  We do the same hard work to help locate and negotiate the best situation for our buyers as well.  If you don’t have a signed contract with an agent, we would be delighted to help you find your dream home in record time.

Do you know anyone who might be looking to sell?
I have a young couple named Jonathan and Kelly who have asked me to find them a 2-bedroom condo in Lake Forest.  I am not new to this.  In fact, I teach agents who work in other cities how to sell homes using this same award-winning method that took me 15 years of testing to develop.  LakeShoresKitchenIt is all about helping sellers do the small things that make a big difference so that crowds converge on their home within a 4-hour period creating a feeding frenzy and a quick sale.  My past sellers love the fact that they don’t have to deal with buyers coming in and out of their home for months and that their home sells for top dollar in record time.

I have one opening to help a seller in September and one in October.  If you are a buyer, I have two openings available at this time. I look forward to hearing from you. 

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