Guess what…

I just sold two condos!

No surprise. Both homes sold in the first 4 hours. When you fix up homes to look like these and market them the way we do, there are people begging to buy it.

For the two-bedroom (photo above), I brought some purchase contracts, interviewed various buyers and wrote an offer up in the guest bedroom while hundreds of people were parading through the home. It sold for over $50K over asking price. We are due to close next week.

The one-bedroom (photo below) also sold well over asking and has already closed escrow. Very exciting. So…who do you know who could benefit by my over-the-top home-selling services? Just give me a call and give me their names.

And BTW, I desperately need a two-bedroom lower-level condo for a couple in Oceanside. Do you know anyone who might want to sell theirs?

Thanks so much.

(949) 583-1331

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