100% of Jenean Hill’s clients received accepted offers for the last 7 years. How does she do it?

Let’s ask Jenean about her Award Winning 12-step Home-Buying System!

Realtors and their Brokers have asked me about what kind of system I implement to help so many buyers secure their homes quickly and painlessly as well as maintain my record of having 100% of my buyer’s offers accepted for 6 years straight. The system that I use for buyers of homes less than $1,000,000 includes 12 steps.

First of all, most of my clients are friend, family and co-worker referrals coming from happy past buyers & sellers that I stay in touch with throughout the year. These referrals have already heard about ‘The System’ and how well it worked for my past (referring) client. There is an automatic sense of trust and admiration between all parties.

One of the most important steps I do is a complete buyer presentation and real estate training. This includes an education of the current market and how to work with it. I also go over all the forms involved in writing an offer and answer any questions. It is best to do this at this stage because once the buyer finds a house that they want, the clock starts ticking and emotions may run high. (There may be little time left to discuss the details of a purchase agreement with clarity of mind). During this meeting I share strategies that I use to put them in the best position to get their offer accepted. We talk about how these strategies save them money and put them at the top of the list for their offer to be the one that is accepted. At the end of this meeting, I commit to work loyally and diligently for them to secure their new home in exchange for their return loyalty and diligence.

To learn the other 11 steps, contact me today!