Ms. Jenean Hill is simply the best REALTOR with whom I have ever worked.

Gordon Family photo for videoBefore continuing, I would like to add some context for that statement. I am a retiree and a real estate investor, so I have been around the block a few times. I have sold properties in various parts of California and in Florida, and I have been on the fringes of the real estate industry for the past twenty-six years. I can name more real estate agents than I can major league sluggers…and I am a life-long baseball fan.

My mother-in-law founded a prestigious and highly successful real estate brokerage in one of the most affluent areas of California. That firm was later sold to Coldwell Banker. She has been the personal agent/broker for high-end clients for over thirty-five years, some of them CEOs of Fortune 50 companies. She has bought and sold two properties for me. She is the ultimate professional, yet I stand by my statement above: Jenean is the best.

Jenean Hill is successful because:

1) She is honest…she does what she says she will do. Actually, in our transaction, she did more than she said she would do.

2) She demonstrates a sense of urgency. Things get done. They get done soon, and they get done well.

3) She stays personally involved at a detailed level. The property she sold on our behalf required a serious facelift and some corrections of code violations. She communicated clearly what was needed, she mapped out an aggressive schedule, she selected excellent vendors, and she personally managed the renovation project. Materials used or purchased by the vendors were reimbursed at cost; no “service fees” or mark-ups were added. When a certain type of light fixture was needed, Jenean went to Home Depot—a place that intimidates the heck out of me—to get just the right one, on sale.

CCC bar stools II4) She finds solutions, regardless of the challenge. When a custom counter for a kitchen pass-through opening was needed, she made several inquiries to cabinet makers. Believing their prices were too high (for us, the sellers…we are not talking about her own money), she found a high school wood shop teacher who was willing to custom-make the item for a modest donation to the school. The resulting counter was cost effective and perfect.

5) She communicates frequently and clearly. We always knew the status of the renovations, marketing efforts, offers, and escrow. Whenever we had questions, we could reach her quickly and her responses were prompt and complete. We got straight talk…no foggy answers.

QR Code Live in Lake Forest6) She uses clever and state-of-the-art techniques to market the property. My long-term exposure to real estate marketing has been in Silicon Valley—the technical hub of the world–yet I had never seen some of the high-tech methods she uses for promoting a property. To protect Jenean’s approach, I won’t get into the details…but I am talking about way more than on-line virtual tours. She is also relentless with “low tech” marketing…optimizing the use of media, neighbors, referrals, etc. with clever marketing tools.

7) She works VERY hard. She purposely takes on fewer clients than the average agent/broker, so she can focus her energies. Part of what drives her is the personal connection she makes with clients, at least in our case. She is a wonderful, genuine individual, and she quickly felt like part of our family. She felt the same about us, and she channeled that connection into a personal mission to do the best possible job on our behalf…which she did. That is an immense source of personal satisfaction for Jenean…more so than potentially higher commissions she could earn by taking on more clients.

Youtube Thumbnail Sailboat8) Most important: She gets results. We were referred to Jenean by one of her very happy former clients. Jenean met with us, told us the state of the market, explained her approach and forecast the timeframe and results. Her presentation was so well-formulated and sincere, we signed on immediately. Even though we were confident in our choice, we were still a little skeptical that the proposed results—a surprisingly high sale price–could be achieved in such a competitive market. We needn’t have given it a second thought: within three days of the open house, she had three offers, the highest one (and best-qualified buyer) was almost fifteen percent above our most optimistic hopes. Another data point: a similar condo came on the market in the same complex during the week before our open house. Our buyer’s offer was thirty-eight percent higher than the asking price for that new listing. Oh, and it rained on the day of our open house? No matter, the place was packed.

I apologize for the length of my comments. When dealing with any type of service, it is just so rare and refreshing when the service-provider becomes such a trusted, capable and caring “partner.” With Jenean Hill, that is what you get.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if more information is desired.


John B. Gordon, Jr.

1459 Arbor Avenue, Los Altos, CA 94034 CaptSpikeyJohn@gmail.com (650) 941-5466


Mammoth Highest Price in over a yearLet me tell you about my recent experience working with Jenean Hill. After making the difficult decision to sell my house, I wanted to be sure I picked the right agent. There were many things to consider when choosing an agent. Like anyone else, I wanted to get as much as possible and sell my house quickly, but I didn’t want to pay to fix it up only to find that I would have to settle for selling it for less than what I was expecting. After meeting with other seasoned agents, I met with Jenean and knew that that my search was over.

First of all, she listened and understood what was important to me. She was very honest in letting me know what she could do for me and what it would take to sell two homes and to purchase a new one. That’s right.  Jenean helped me with THREE different homes in three different cities. With that much on the line I was not about to trust in just anyone.  She also showed me that with the push of a button on the MLS, I could compare the track records of other ‘top agents’ along with hers.  After seeing that very telling ‘visual aid’ and hearing Jenean’s dynamic marketing plan, I knew that selecting Jenean Hill was the absolute right choice.

Mammoth LROther agents had recommended that I sell my properties quickly and ‘as is’.  I told Jenean that that was my plan.  Although Jenean was willing to do it my way, she was slowly able to convince me that, for a very small investment of time and money, she could sell the homes for, what turned out to be, a total of $200,000 more. Jenean then provided the expertise needed in the repairing, cleaning, packing, and staging of the homes. With her many connections in the industry, she was able to line up painters, gardeners, handymen, electricians, stagers, carpet cleaners, and window washers. Each of these providers was given a calendar of events showing all the work that would need to be done and their deadline for having the homes ready for market. By sharing this information and holding them accountable, we were able to complete all of the work on-time and under budget. I can tell you that it is because of Jenean’s reputation and their desire to do a good job for her client that these many providers were willing to work so hard. There is nothing quite as nice as having an agent who has that kind of influence on others.

Mammoth Sign Accepting OffersAll that hard work paid off on ‘Grand Opening’ Open House day! Jenean’s marketing generated over 300 guests and dozens of offers, with most of them from qualified buyers and significantly ABOVE my asking price. We were able to accept the most qualified offer for each home within 4 days of the open house. Because of the volume of qualified buyers willing to pay an extraordinary amount for my homes, the appraisers had no choice but to bring in the value indicated on the offers as the home’s appraised value.

Next, it was time for Jenean to help me secure a new home for my family. Once again, she LISTENED to my needs and desires. We did not waste a lot of time looking at houses that I could not afford or that would not suit my needs. Jenean showed me eight homes that were wonderful and all within my budget. She also insisted on showing me one home that I was not interested in seeing. What do you know!  That was the home I decided was perfect for my family.  Neither Jenean, nor I wanted to get into a bidding war and I didn’t want to lose this home to another buyer so she worked quickly to position my offer in its best light.  Her offer writing expertise was made evident by the fact that our offer was accepted within an hour of our submission.  It also bumped an offer that was in the process of being countered by the seller. By the way, my offer was actually lower than the seller’s asking price, so I did not pay over asking price to secure my new home. Rather, thanks to Jenean’s skillful negotiation, I made a fair and qualified offer that the seller was able to recognize as such.

 When I share my stories of how Jenean was able to assist me, people are amazed at all that she was able to do for me and often wonder what her secret is. While it is true that she is very organized, knowledgeable, experienced, hard working and committed to serving her clients, more than anything else, she cares about her clients. I came to realize that she doesn’t try to be all things to all people but that if she thinks she can help you, she will put everything she’s got to help you realize your dreams.

 I can wholeheartedly recommend Jenean without reservation, and hope that you too could work with Jenean so that you could see how excellence is being redefined by her.

 Ever Grateful,

Marion Fuget & family


Dear Mr. Sarnecky,

We are writing this letter to tell you about the successful experience we had with our broker, Jenean Hill.

I just received notice from Hallmark Escrow with the good news that escrow has closed and the sale of our home is final. We’ve owned this property for over 3 years and rented it to my daughter and son-in-law.
It was very important to us to sell in order to put Katie and Paul in position to purchase a larger home.
We had attempted to sell over a year ago but made the mistake of enlisting a so called ‘specialist’. We thought because he lived in the development that he would be the best choice to sell our place. We were wrong and it didn’t sell. It wasn’t until I called Jenean recently and viewed that agent’s actual selling data that I learned how weak his sales performance has been over the years. Jenean helped me understand how to compare Realtors records in order to select the best.

testimonial1So as we decided to list it again we called Jenean. I’ve purchased through Jenean in the past so I understand her professionalism and determination to make her clients successful. This was not an easy decision because my son-in-law recently earned his Real Estate Broker’s license and the obvious choice by some of the family would have been to allow him to market his own residence! We selected Jenean due to the uncertainty of the market today and again our desire to sell so that we can buy ‘up’. Our thought process was, we may not get what we were asking the last time we listed, but if we can sell we’ll be in a good position as buyers in this market. So if we were going to do this and be successful, we need the best Realtor to represent us.

Jenean did a great job of differentiating our home from others. She spent many hours developing a seller ‘buy-down’ program with her financial support. She made recommendations on what we needed to do to fix up and stage our home to prepare it to compete with the other homes on the market. She also helped us understand that in this market our listing has to also motivate the buyer’s Realtors. I was very happy with the marketing plan and materials she put together.

However the most important thing Jenean did to help us sell our home was educate us on the market. This is the most important point I can make, because there’s thousands of agents out there. Many probably have a good handle on the market and what causes sales. But what separates Jenean is her ability to share that intelligence with her customers in such a way to actually change their perceptions and understanding of the market. Not easy to do when strong emotions are tied to those perceptions.

So now that the home is sold we’re in a very good position. We’re in debt to Jenean for helping us get here.
Congratulations, you’ve got the very best on your team!


Art and Mary Lee

Dear Serrano Woods Neighbors,

Hi. We’re Brian and Michele and we live here on Copper Cliff. We wanted to introduce you to our realtor, Jenean Hill because we know you will appreciate her as much as we have come to.
We first met Jenean Hill while we were checking out an Open House at our neighbor’s home. We had thought about selling our townhouse, but hadn’t come to any conclusions as to the when, who or how… yet. We were immediately impressed by the presentation she had prepared for the open house on living in our area and how well organized she was. She exuded confidence and enthusiasm, which got us very excited about getting our house on the market!
After meeting with a few other agents, we decided that no one had the ability to represent us like Jenean Hill. We knew that Jenean could sell our house because it was obvious that she knew all about the benefits of living in our area… because she owns a place here too! Not only that, but she had the support of First Team which is actually #1 in Orange County. How could we go wrong?

testimonial2She immediately presented us with a detailed plan that gave us clear goals to help us get the house ready to show. She had a clear plan to get top dollar for our home. She was able to refer us to professional help to attack some of the house repairs and even offered to supervise them while we were out of town! After a few weeks of fixing up, with her support, we were ready!
We planned our first Open House for a Sunday. We were so excited, except that it coincided with a huge rainstorm. We ended up canceling the Open House, but due to the incredible amount of exposure our house received, we still got lots of agents showing the house that day. By the next day, we had numerous offers and were able to accept one above our asking price!
After we had our home in escrow, Jenean whisked us around to see all of the properties we were interested in. She was willing to meet with us on short notice, when we found something new on her specially designed website, and even give up personal time to look at homes in the evening with us. We found our dream home in 3 days!
Jenean’s special way of presenting an offer makes it hard for a seller to forget. From the way she includes a letter from us with our picture, to the way she organizes our financial information to support the actual offer, her bound presentation makes a memorable impression! She drove to our offices to get signatures and was able to get our offer accepted that same day!
Jenean is a pleasure to work with. She keeps you well informed and in great spirits even when the idea of buying or selling gets overwhelming. Her incredibly positive attitude and her enthusiasm for her work make her an obvious choice for a realtor. We are so very glad that we chose to work with her and plan to do so again in the future!

We are writing to you today and giving you her business card because she told us she has a buyer who has been waiting for weeks to buy a Serrano Woods. Are you, or do you know anyone who is thinking of selling any time soon? If so, please call her at (949) 583-1331. You’ll be glad you did.

Brian & Michelle Stevens

Ellsworth all 3 of us in behind bed of offers IIIDear Buyers and Sellers,

We sold our condo in Lake Forest in a very challenging and constantly changing market. Jenean helped us navigate through it all to a successful sale. We are impressed with Jenean’s vision and professionalism.

We also bought a condo in Lake Forest with Jenean’s help. I think it may have been a record fast closing for a “short sale” property.

We highly recommend Jenean Hill for any real estate transaction.

Sheldon and Jackie


Dear Buyers or Sellers,

Jenean is GREAT! She has obviously been in the real estate business for many years and knows the ins-and-outs of selling a home. At a time when the mortgage industry is crumbling and housing prices are falling, we find great comfort in working with a Realtor that knows all of the available options. Never did we feel pressured to do anything risky or questionable. Everything was thoroughly explained at the beginning of the process, which eliminated any surprises further along. This will be our third experience with home ownership and never have we had a Realtor that laid everything out from the beginning that precisely matched the final outcome like Jenean was able to do.

My wife, Loree, and I are current owners of a two-bedroom condo and have been waiting for housing prices to drop in order to upgrade to a detached home. We contacted Jenean by recommendation from a good friend. Our plan was to take our time, see what’s out there and maybe hold tight for housing prices to hit rock bottom. Jenean met with us after work at our condo along with her mortgage broker, Randy. Together they gave us several available options along with final figures. These were backed by a plethora of recent statistics of condos and homes in the region along with projected figures. Everything was discussed in layman’s terms making it much easier to realize what was needed to get us into a detached home.

Our predicament in waiting for housing prices to drop was that our condo was dropping even faster. Our down payment was quickly dwindling with the economy. With Jenean’s encouragement, we decided to keep the condo and pull equity before other condos in our complex, that were already in default, went back to the bank. As Jenean and Randy explained, waiting would lower the value of our condo and disable the option of obtaining any equity. The equity pulled was used as a down payment on the home and the condo will be rented out. This was one of the options that Jenean and Randy presented with detailed figures of how it was possible. We never realized we could afford this and found, with their figures, that it was easily affordable. Within no time we found our ideal home and our offer has been accepted. We now lose sleep thinking of how wonderful it will be to live life in our 3-bedroom dream home with a two-car garage, fully remodeled kitchen and a large backyard for our dogs.

We couldn’t have done it without Jenean’s help. Although she had other clients to deal with, we felt like we had a personal Realtor who was always reachable and in contact throughout the process. We found that she goes above and beyond what would be expected of a standard Realtor. When the offer was made it was an ‘offer they couldn’t refuse’, which included a bio of us with a picture and all of the reasons we loved their home. Also included were financials that proved we were able to afford the home and committed to taking it to final sale. Out of the multiple offers that were on the table, ours was chosen. And not for the amount, but for the proof of commitment that Jenean provided at the initial offer. Jenean’s 100% offer acceptance record continues to be an example of her excellence.

Christian & Loree
Mission Viejo’s newest homeowners

paulMy wife Sheila and I met Jenean Hill while visiting an open house – her own house as a matter of fact! Though we were interested in purchasing a new house, we weren’t in a rush to sell our home unless we found ‘that special house’. That was all that Jenean needed to hear. She showed us a flowchart she had created and told us about a method that would actually allow us to pick out our new home first before we put ours on the market. After contacting Jeff at Assurance Capitol Home Loans, he assessed our situation and agreed with Jenean that we would be perfect candidates for this program. It was now time to go shopping!

When we found ‘our house’, Jenean had a system ready to go to get our offer accepted. She presented our offer in a way that would really make it stand out from any other, complete with a personalized letter from us. It flew through.

We then were faced with selling our house and coming up with an easy transition plan from one house to the other. Through First Team’s marketing, our open house generated a lot of interest. So much so, that Jenean set up an evening ‘auction’ and asked us to trust her that this unusual method would get us the strongest buyer AND top dollar for our home. We had never heard of this being done before, but were up to the challenge.

We’ll never forget watching all the agents line up outside our house, and one by one come in to present their offer. She even provided pizza to the waiting agents and their buyers! Every offer was entered into a spreadsheet, and we sat with Jenean to evaluate our options. That same evening, we ended up selling our property for $40,000 over our initial asking price (and first offer)!

Our escrow was painless. Jenean’s proactive attitude, professionalism, and attention to all the details are the things that we feel made our sale, purchase, and move such a great success.

I am not the kind of person who typically goes out of the way to write letters like this, however, I do feel that when someone deserves recognition for a job well done, they should receive it. I have no qualms about recommending Jenean to represent them, and have done so with friends and acquaintances. It truly was a fun, profitable, and exciting experience! I expect that you’ll be able to say the same thing.


Paul and Sheila


 Dana Stenson Family PhotoJanuary 20, 2011

Dear Jenean,

This letter is to thank you for your exceptional professionalism and diligent work on our short sale.  It was very difficult to find ourselves in the position of having to do a short sale.  During that stressful time, it was so comforting to have someone to rely on!  You made a confusing process easier to navigate. 

You have such a positive and thorough communication style.  You made yourself available for all our questions and concerns and, even though ours was a particularly tough short sale, you remained patient and encouraging until we achieved excellent results!  

We hope to be able to refer our friends and family to you in the future.

Sincerely yours,

Jeremy and Dana Stenson

21239 Camelia, Lake Forest, CA 92630


Steven's Family photo 2011We have been working with Jenean Hill since 2004.  She has represented us as sellers and buyers on numerous properties.  In addition to her straightforward and honest approach she is tremendously knowledgeable about the markets she serves.  Due to her strategic marketing techniques we were even able to sell in the difficult market of 2008 in less than one week while still fetching a good price.  

She has substantial contacts not only for common selling and buying needs (handyman, inspectors, mortgage brokers, etc) but can also help our friends and family members purchase homes in various counties and states in which she doesn’t work by interviewing and recommending fantastic local Realtors in their area!  My mom is moving to Riverside County from Northern California and is all set up with her new agent working hard for her.  She also was eager to help my sister in Los Angeles buy in her own community.

Jenean is always willing to go above and beyond for her clients and treats them as friends – building long lasting relationships.  We frequently recommend her to our friends and family and would strongly encourage anyone thinking about a real-estate transaction to let Jenean put her skills to work for them.

  The Stevens Family, Lake Forest, California, 2011