Lake Forest Keys

Lake Forest Keys HomesIt’s been said that the Lake Forest Keys is the crown jewel of the Lake Forest II Master Homeowners Association. It is bordered by Lake Forest Drive, Jeronimo Road, Toledo Way and Bake Parkway. It is made up of 500 detached and attached single family homes that surround the beautiful lake of the Sun & Sail Club. The majority of the homes are waterfront and give homeowners the ability to dock up to a 16’ boat right in their own backyard. The Lake Forest Keys is one of the most affordable waterfront communities in Southern California. Although there are families with children who live around the lake, you will find more working and retired singles and couples whose kids have already left the nest.

Lake Forest Keys resident swans Speaking of a nest, the lake features two beautiful white swans named Oscar and Emmy who grace the waters along with other forms of water fowl. When you live on the lake, you’ll feel that you reside at a year-round resort. Afternoons are often spent grilling in your outdoor kitchen along with entertaining on your patio or boat. Sunset cruises abound and our guests often mention that it feels a bit like the Pirates of the Caribbean on balmy summer evenings. On the 4th of July, hundreds of patriotically decorated boats motor out to watch the incredible fireworks display launched off of a barge near amphitheater. The day is filled with water events, sand volleyball, concessions, live bands and food from great local eateries. This is the Sun & Sail Club’s biggest event of the year and is attended by members of the club who come on foot and Lake Forest Keys residents that can enter by boat. Every December residents decorate their boats for the Holidays and have a boat parade. Some residents host parties on their patios and cheer on the boats as they pass by. Whether you are on a boat or watching from your yard, it is a fun and festive time for all.

Lake Forest Keys, Lake ForestLake Forest Keys homes are generally not entry level homes. Owners here often benefited from the equity of several previous homes and then finally realize their dreams here on the lake. As a Lake Forest Real Estate specialist, I can help you be strategic with your real estate investing so that you can do the same in your future.

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