FREE $500 Gift Certificate Toward Escrow or Moving Costs

By now if you live in the City of Lake Forest, you should have received a Shop and Dine Passport with coupons for deals all across the city.  I have a Real Estate coupon in the book for a $500 certificate toward escrow or moving costs.  

If you would like the certificate (and a valuable stamp in your  “passport”) this is all you have to do:

1) View one of these four short videos and comment on what you like best about my real estate methods.

Selling SFRS for Top Dollar in One Day

Selling Condos for Top Dollar in One Day

Client Testimonial

Lake Forest Community Video


2) Email me at and give me your name, address and phone number so I can get you your $500 certificate (which will be good for the next year).

3) For an added bonus, “like” me on my Facebook business page, Jenean Hill’s “Live in Lake Forest” and you will receive a Starbucks gift card, and if you share me with your friends, I will put you in this month’s drawing for 2 SeaWorld Tickets.

Thanks, and I look forward to serving you in the future.

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Fun Fall Events coming up in Lake Forest

The new Fall Leisure Times is out!  If you are one of my Lake Forest homeowners, please check your mailboxes for this handy program guide. The new brochure includes info on new classes, fun fall events and all City recreation programs. After seeing all that Lake Forest has to offer, you may want to give me a call (if you don’t already live here) and I will help you buy a home in Lake Forest.

To view the new Leisure Times online, please click here.

Fall registration will begin on Tuesday, August 14 for all Lake Forest residents. (Non-residents can register beginning Tuesday, August 21.) Be sure to sign up for all of your favorites before they fill up

Haunt at Heritage Hill

Friday, October 19 – Dare to be scared! – Join us for our 5th Annual “Friday Night Fright”, this year from 6 to 10:30 pm. Teens 12 years and older, as well as adults, will enjoy a truly haunted adventure featuring Sleepy Hollow Scare Zone, Fright Maze, Haunted School House, and a viewing of the classic movie “Frankenstein.” Sara Karloff, daughter of Boris Karloff, will be at the event to meet her dad’s fans and give them inside info on this legendary actor. Admission is $5 per person. For the most current info on the Haunt, check out

Autumn Harvest Festival

Saturday, October 20 – We invite you to our annual Autumn Harvest Festival, to be held again this year from 4 to 9 pm at Heritage Hill Historical Park (25151 Serrano Rd). Kids love this opportunity to show off their costumes and trick-or-treat in a safe, fun environment. We will have a glow party, Princess Pumpkin Patch, Pirate Adventure Maze, costume parade, and so much more. Admission is $4/adults, $3/children 12 and under. Certain attractions and games are an additional fee. For more info, call Community Services at (949) 461-3450.

20th Anniversary Celebration Party

Saturday, September 15 – Come and celebrate our 20th year of Cityhood as we dine and dance under the stars! This special event will be held at Oakley Headquarters (1 Icon in Lake Forest). The celebration will begin with cocktails at 6:30 pm, followed by dinner at 8 pm. Attendees must be 21 and older. Fee for this event is $50 per person and pre-registration is mandatory. (Limit of 4 tickets per person.) To register for this event, please visit our online registration site beginning Tuesday, August 14 at 8 am. Walk-in and mail-in registration is also acceptable. For all the details, see page 4 in the new Fall Leisure Times brochure. For more info, call Community Services at (949) 461-3450.

Hallow’s Eve Bowl Jam at Etnies Skatepark of Lake Forest

Friday, October 26 – This awesome Bowl event returns for its 9th year and is sure to be the best yet! It is consistently a favorite for crowds and skaters alike. Participation is open to all ages. The $20 registration fee includes a contest t-shirt. Registration takes place the day of the event beginning at 3 pm. The event begins at 4 and ends at 10 pm. For more info call the Skatepark at (949) 916-5870 or visit

NEW Teen Music Festival

Saturday, November 3 – This brand new event, to be held from 6 to 10 pm, will allow aspiring teen musicians to showcase their talents at Etnies Skatepark of Lake Forest (20028 Lake Forest Dr). Opportunity prizes will be given, food will be available, and art will be on display during the entire evening. Entry fee is $5 per person (band entries are free). For more info, please call (949) 461-3446 or email

Weekly Mortgage Watch

Significant amounts of very important economic data are due this week, along with a meeting of the Federal Reserve. Mortgage rates have the potential to fluctuate, in either direction, during the course of this week. Few are expecting the Federal Reserve to make any announcement regarding any new policy direction. Most analysts are expecting the Fed to take a wait-and-see position following the recent extension of Operation Twist. If the Fed does announce a new policy, mortgage rates could be driven downward. Economic data will also influence rates this week. A few experts are expecting a bit of an economic bounce. If the data shows a measurable improvement, then rates could climb…  To read the full story and see today’s interest rates, click the link below:

Moving to Lake Forest, Mission Viejo or Saddleback Valley, Orange County? Here is “What Not to Pack”

If you’ve known anyone who has moved, you have probably heard nightmare stories regarding moving companies – Losing things, taking things, damaging things, charging more than they quoted if you want them to remove the items from the truck to your new home.  After all of the above happened to my family members in their Lake Forest, Orange County and San Diego moves, I learned of a mover who is an affiliate member of the Orange County Association of Realtors.  I met with him and could tell he was a man of integrity.  Rich has now been moving my clients for over a half a decade.  My clients really appreciate his honest service.  If you would like to hear more about them,  just give me a call or click on

When you’re packing up your belongings for moving day, sometimes it’s best to leave it to the professionals – or leave it behind entirely. These moving/packing tips will help you discern what not to pack.

Items that Require Disassembly or Special Packaging
Items requiring professional disassembly and/or crating (such as slate pool tables, chandeliers, or large glass table tops) are best left to the professionals.

Heat-Sensitive Items
Do not pack heat-sensitive items like candles, CDs, computer peripherals, etc. If you must take these items to your new home, bring them with you in your climate-controlled car or truck.

Irreplaceable Papers and Objects – Read on:

6 Steps to moving successfully

So you’ve finally found that perfect home, and are getting ready to move out of the old and in with the new! It’s stressful, scary and altogether a little overwhelming. But, it can be made a little easier with these 6 steps for moving successfully:

  1. Clean the home and get it organized. Over the years, we all collect a lot of “stuff” and much of that does not need to be moved to the next home. Take some time to go through everything that you have collected, and get rid of those items that are rarely used. If you absolutely can’t bear to part with some of the items, get a large plastic container and put them in it. This can go into your new garage! I tell my clients to put medium-sized boxes in EACH room that you are packing. Mark them with the ROOM NAME, GIVEAWAY and TRASH. Use the 5-second rule. Everything you pick up must go in one of these boxes within 5 seconds. You will be surprised how this will speed up your packing time.
  2. Label all your boxes. It is hard enough to put everything away when it is labeled properly, now imagine 40-50 unlabeled boxes. Where do you put them when you get to the new house? How do you know where to start? Make sure to clearly label each box with the room it will go to in the new house and the items that are in it. This will also help with breakables, as labeling them as Fragile will hopefully remind you and whomever is moving them, to be a little more careful. Speaking of Fragile…never pack a box full of towels or linens. Grab a stack of these items and put them in each room that you are packing. Use them as free packing material and kill two birds with one stone by packing them around items that are ragged or fragile. This can save you up to $100 on your move and make your life so much easier.
  3. Be safe. Whether you are using a moving company or just you and your friends, be careful when packing and moving boxes. Things like books and kitchen items get heavy quickly. Make sure that you are not overloading boxes by using small boxes for heavy items so that you can’t put as many in it. (Home Depot has the best prices on boxes. You will pay 2 to 3 times as much if you go to a storage store to purchase your boxes. Give me a call and ask about the best free boxes you can find in your neighborhood. My clients just love these and they really speed up the packing process.) Also, make sure that all cords are out of the way and there is no loose rugs while trying to carry boxes to and from the cars. The last thing you need is an injury while trying to move. If you decide to hire a moving company, please give me a call because I know of ONE honest and reliable moving company in the area. My past clients rave about them and use them move after move.
  4. Cancel/Transfer services. Services like cable, water, gas and electric will need to come out to your home to take final readings and pick up their transmitters. Make sure to schedule a time that is convenient for you, but won’t keep you without water while you are finishing up the move. Many services offer the chance to transfer them to your new home if you are staying in the area. This can be very cost effective as it eliminates the re-set up fee. If possible, transfer as many services as you can.
  5. Deal with the mail/subscriptions. Luckily, more and more companies are allowing you to remove paper statements and trade them for all online alerts. This has helped a lot with the transfer of mail issues, but remember, you still need to notify the post office of your move. It takes about 10 days for them to get everything transferred, so make sure you have someone that can check your mail at the old house if you don’t get it transferred early enough. Once you get to the new house, as you get bills and magazines with the forwarding sticker, call them to let them know of your new address. it makes the process much easier.
  6. Have a little fun. Moving does not have to be torture. If you give yourself enough time to plan and pack, and make packing fun by inviting friends and family to help, listening to music and rewarding yourself with a treat at the end, it will be much easier. Remember, at the end of this journey, you are getting a fabulous new home!

What other advice do you have for moving?